Could this be THE perfect gift for your parent friends?


Do you have friends or colleagues with kids?

Have you started thinking about Christmas presents or Secret Santa gifts?

Are you looking for THE perfect gift?

Just imagine finding something that’s a little bit different, comical, fun, cheeky (but not too rude!) yet highly practical AND for less than a tenner. What if that same item could completely change your friends’ lives, put a whopping great smile on their faces and be cherished for years to come? 👍

We know…. It’s hard to imagine something that ticks so many boxes could actually exist in this time-space reality! But it does, and you need look no further for the definitive answer to your gift-finding prayers! 😃👌

“What is it and why is it for parents?” we hear you cry.

Aha! We thought you’d never ask…. As parents all over the World will attest, the arrival of your little love-loves ushers in a brave new World. Life as you knew it is over, it’s the dawn of a new era and a vast wave of love and happiness cascades over the horizon and fills your heart. As it floods in it lights up the barren post-apocolyptic wasteland of your old life. Among the ruins lie the casualties: sleep; sanity; privacy; bad language; punctuality and over there, in a cold dark corner, cowers the remains of your love life…

As time passes, these casualties slowly recover but there comes a time when your little munchkins learn to walk and you are faced with a new problem: They are now able to get up at night and visit your bedroom at will and totally without warning. Normally, this isn’t a problem but if you are working on rehabilitating your fragile love-life to it’s former glory, the prospect of an untimely interruption can really hinder progress…😱😧😳

Some have tried in vain to blockade themselves in, others have opted for abstinence.

The brave (or foolhardy) have soldiered on regardless, playing Russian Roulette with the physcological wellbeing of their offspring.

The timid have accepted defeat and retreated beneath the covers, afraid to gasp for fear of discovery.

The wild throw caution to wind…😬

The paranoid glance obsessively at the doorway repeating “Shh! Was that them?” like a demented mantra.

The exhausted have simply given up.

Some have been caught red handed and red faced, others have been lucky, but it’s only a matter of time. It’s a ticking time bomb people!…

Why do we care? We care because we were those parents. WE WERE THERE MAN! We feel their pain but we decided to fight back, to take back control and now we’re here to offer you and your friends the same solution…

The Nookie Wedge Kit


Yes, that’s right… The Nookie Wedge Kit – Complete with door security device, early warning alarm system and luxury storage cache, all packaged in a delightful gift box.

Wedge the door closed from the inside to prevent accidental incursions. Hang the bag and the bell on the handle to raise the alarm to attempted intrusions and store it all discreetly away between uses.

Nookie Wedge - Shall we darling?

Risk Removed – Relaxation Restored.

It’s the perfect solution. It works and it’s a bit of a laugh.

So.. If you have got friends with kids and you are looking for a gift for them. Why not get them THE perfect gift. Set them free and join the revolution! 🙌

Nookie Wedge kits are available from our official distributor Boxer Gifts.

Veet For Men reviews always leave us in stitches! 😂

We know this has done the rounds a few times but if you’ve not read these Veet for Men reviews before, you’re in for a real treat!

Veet for Men is a hair removal cream…….for men. It’s great for quickly tidying up those furry bits but woe-be-tide anyone who leaves it on too long. This product has been available on Amazon for ages but if you scroll down past the product information to the ‘Most Helpful Customer Reviews’ you’ll be rewarded with a gold mine of comedy genius and toe curling tales from hundreds of erm…….  satisfied customers?

If you’re in the mood for a good howl, check these out.  Veet for Men 😂

Veet For Men



Parents! Hands up who forgot to check the fine print?

Dear fellow parents,

I’m sure you’ll agree that having kids is a privilege, a pleasure and for the most part, an absolute joy! For most of us, it’s the realisation of a lifelong dream, a big tick in a box on life’s ‘to do’ list and now they’re here, a life without them is difficult to comprehend.

We spend years finding a mate, saving up, nesting and waiting for the perfect time. Months of trying, then the long wait before the day finally arrives and following the unforgettable experience of childbirth we finally get to drive home at 5mph with our precious bundles of joy in the back.

It doesn’t take long though before you realise that in your quest for genetic continuity and a true meaning to life, you didn’t pay proper attention to the fine print…

Highly underrated! As the debate rages on about whether sleep deprivation constitutes torture, nobody seems to have informed our kids that it’s even an issue. “IT IS!”… Side effects include: grey hairs, irritability, inability to dress or function correctly as a member of the human race.

Luckily, we can get payback when they’re teenagers. *evil cackle*

For the foreseeable future, the house, the car, your phone, tablet, other possessions and your person will be coated in unidentifiable stickiness. Attempts to remove will result in immediate reapplication.

Used to clean the house once a week?…. I’ve had to mop the kitchen floor twice during breakfast!

I’m tempted to install CCTV to figure out how it is possible for ones so small to create so much mess in so little time!

Think again. Time to start it all over again (multiply by number of children). Be there in the morning, the afternoon, helping out and you’ve got homework every night!

Hangovers are now on a whole new level. You drastically underestimated the healing power of a Sunday on the sofa with tea, crisps, movies and a duvet. This is now a fading memory of an alternate reality.

Get ready to plough on through swimming club followed by a birthday party well in excess of the safe recommended noise limit of 95 decibels. Throw in a dash of screaming tantrum and a pooey bum just to tip things over the edge. Gip.

“Don’t touch that” – “Please don’t lick that” – “Don’t eat that, it’s been on the floor”.

“Why are these blue bricks in the toilet Dad?”

Gone! Your own trips to the bathroom are now a spectator sport and, as it turns out, a great time to ask for help or to play a game… Anything you used to do in the privacy of your own home is now shared with teachers, key workers, the in-laws and the cashier at TESCO… BEWARE!

These require a new definition as they no longer resemble what you understood to be a holiday. Packed a book? Forget it!

Allow an extra hour, just to leave the house!

Remember the fun you had when you were trying to make the kids? Good! You may need that memory to keep you going for a while.

And, when you start getting intimate again you’ve got a new little housemate, one who likes to wake up and come for a visit at highly inconvenient moments!

There’s no doubt about it. Kids are hard work! But the best things in life usually are.

The shift of focus to someone else’s needs over your own is truly life changing and one for the better in my opinion.

There can be no better feeling in the world than a big hug and “I love you Dad” and there are times when I feel so much love for my little monkeys that it feels like I’m going to burst! Surely that feeling is what life’s all about.

Oh… and if you could do with a hand with number ’10’, just visit our homepage –

Watch the Nookie Wedge’s TV debut!

Ha ha! Brilliant, the Nookie Wedge has broken into the USA… Well, perhaps just wedged the door open a little. 😉

Check out Dorothy Cascerceri discussing the Nookie Wedge as a Valentine’s Day gift on FOX4 Florida’s ‘The Morning Blend’. Really pleased they liked it!

Nookie Wedge on TV!

Forget the Superbowl, Nookie Wedge is set to make it’s TV debut in the good ‘ol U.S of A on Monday morning. TV host and lifestyle presenter Dorothy Cascerceri approached us about including the Nookie Wedge in her round up of Valentines Day products on FOX4’s ‘The Morning Blend’ and we jumped at the chance!

The segment will be sometime between 8-9am Eastern Standard Time or 4-5pm in the UK. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch.


Nookie Wedge on TV

Cheeky ‘adult’ secret Santa gift or a grown-up stocking filler!

Are you looking for a cheeky, ‘adult’ secret Santa gift or a grown-up stocking filler, something that’s a little bit different? The Nookie Wedge might be just what you’re looking for. As lingerie blogger Moonrise at Midnight put it “It’s just enough to make your recipient blush without embarrassment!”.

Secret Santa

The nookie wedge is fun and cheeky but the best thing is, it actually gets results. If you are buying it for a colleague or friend who has kids, shares with housemates or is still living at home, the Nookie Wedge can really make a massive difference to their love-life and hopefully they’ll return to work in the New Year with a big tell-tale grin and an extra spring in their step.

If it’s a stocking filler for your other half you’ll get the benefit too. We’ve found that the Nookie Wedge not only stops you getting #CaughtInTheAct and allows you to relax, let go and have maximum fun but it also acts as a catalyst to kick things off in the first place. Getting the Nookie Wedge out from it’s stash spot is tantamount to a statement of intent 😉

Sock on the door handle.

If you’re a student or have ever shared with housemates, you may be familiar with the old ‘sock on the door handle’ code of conduct.

This is the universal symbol for “I’m getting busy in here, please do not enter.” There are a few glaring problems with this:

1.The door can still be opened.

2. Not everybody is familiar with the sign and as they open the door wondering “Why the heck is there a sock on the door ha…….OH, SHHH! What the!.. I’m terribly sorry!”

3. Students and housemates, especially after a few beverages, can lose the true message of the sock and interpret it as: ‘Hey guys, I’m getting busy in here, what a terrific opportunity to burst in and totally embarrass me ‘cos I’d love that and it’d be sooo funny.’

Now, some people may enjoy the added risk of getting caught in the act but for the rest of us the Nookie Wedge is the fool proof answer to the problem.

Sock on Door - Nookie Wedge