Watch the Nookie Wedge’s TV debut!

Ha ha! Brilliant, the Nookie Wedge has broken into the USA… Well, perhaps just wedged the door open a little. 😉

Check out Dorothy Cascerceri discussing the Nookie Wedge as a Valentine’s Day gift on FOX4 Florida’s ‘The Morning Blend’. Really pleased they liked it!

Nookie Wedge on TV!

Forget the Superbowl, Nookie Wedge is set to make it’s TV debut in the good ‘ol U.S of A on Monday morning. TV host and lifestyle presenter Dorothy Cascerceri approached us about including the Nookie Wedge in her round up of Valentines Day products on FOX4’s ‘The Morning Blend’ and we jumped at the chance!

The segment will be sometime between 8-9am Eastern Standard Time or 4-5pm in the UK. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch.


Nookie Wedge on TV