Cheeky ‘adult’ secret Santa gift or a grown-up stocking filler!

Are you looking for a cheeky, ‘adult’ secret Santa gift or a grown-up stocking filler, something that’s a little bit different? The Nookie Wedge might be just what you’re looking for. As lingerie blogger Moonrise at Midnight put it “It’s just enough to make your recipient blush without embarrassment!”.

Secret Santa

The nookie wedge is fun and cheeky but the best thing is, it actually gets results. If you are buying it for a colleague or friend who has kids, shares with housemates or is still living at home, the Nookie Wedge can really make a massive difference to their love-life and hopefully they’ll return to work in the New Year with a big tell-tale grin and an extra spring in their step.

If it’s a stocking filler for your other half you’ll get the benefit too. We’ve found that the Nookie Wedge not only stops you getting #CaughtInTheAct and allows you to relax, let go and have maximum fun but it also acts as a catalyst to kick things off in the first place. Getting the Nookie Wedge out from it’s stash spot is tantamount to a statement of intent ūüėČ

Sock on the door handle.

If you’re a student or have ever shared with housemates, you may be familiar with the old ‘sock on the door handle’ code of conduct.

This is the universal symbol for “I’m getting busy in here, please do not enter.” There are a few glaring¬†problems with this:

1.The door can still be opened.

2.¬†Not everybody is familiar with the sign¬†and as they open the door wondering “Why the heck is there a sock on the door ha…….OH, SHHH! What the!.. I’m terribly sorry!”

3. Students and housemates, especially after a few beverages, can lose the true message of the sock and interpret it as: ‘Hey guys, I’m getting busy in here, what a terrific opportunity to burst in and totally embarrass me ‘cos I’d love that and it’d be¬†sooo funny.’

Now, some people may enjoy the added risk of getting caught in the act but for the rest of us the Nookie Wedge is the fool proof answer to the problem.

Sock on Door - Nookie Wedge