The Nookie Wedge Kit


Are you a parent? Do you live with housemates or are grown up but still live at home? Do you have a lock on your bedroom door? Do you ever worry about the possibility of an unexpected interruption when you are trying to enjoy a little private nookie time? Or worse still, has it already happened!?

We’ve got young kids and we used to worry. We used to jamb the washing basket behind the door in an attempt to avoid any embarrassing interruptions, until one day we had a brainwave:

We realised we could wedge the door closed securely from the inside with a homemade wedge! We still needed to know if our little one needed us, so we balanced a jingly toy on the inside door handle which would fall off and ring if she tried the door, giving us a couple of seconds to cover up and act innocent.

The Nookie Wedge Kit was born!Logo

People love it!

We used our prototype happily and successfully for several years and joked with friends and acquaintances ( who were still using the old washing basket technique!) that we were going to launch it as a real product. They loved the idea!: “I’d definitely buy that!“; “That’d be a great gift for loads of my friends“; “You should go on Dragon’s Den!“; “It’s a cheeky gift but not too rude“.

We thought “Why not, let’s give it a go!”


We set to work putting together the kit which includes a pink rubber door wedge (designed and manufactured right here in Great Britain for maximum door stopping effectiveness), a small silver ‘alarm bell’ and a black velvet storage pouch to hang or balance on your door handle as well as to pack everything neatly away between uses. The whole kit comes in a lovely little presentation box ready to go!


You might be thinking:

Why can’t I just use or make my own wedge?

You can, but where’s the fun in that? Ours is pink, rubber and says nookie on it! Don’t forget there’s also the bell, the bag and the sexy box! For an excellent price you can save yourself the hassle and have the real thing! It makes a better gift than a chunk of wood from the garage.

I’ve got a lock on my door, why would I need one?

You don’t… Show off! 😉

My kids don’t get up at night.

Whoa! Don’t even think those words! You can pretty much guarantee that as soon as you say that, they’ll come for a visit. This is another of the many unexplained mysteries of children. One of our school-Mum friends found herself face-to-face with her 6 year old, mid-moment and within a week of uttering that fateful sentence… “What are you two doing?” he asked. The complimentary Nookie Wedge Kit went down a storm.

In fact, a couple of weeks later we received a little TOO much information on how their new kit had given their love life a new lease of life!

It’s like an insurance policy. You hope you’ll never need it but if you do, you’ll be glad you had it.

The nookie wedge is supposed to be cheeky and fun, but it’s not just a bit of fun, the fact is, it works! It’s simple, effective and gives you the peace of mind to relax, let go and have some fun, safe in the knowledge that you won’t get caught in a compromising position.

Nookie Wedged Door

The instructions are beautifully simple:

– Get in the mood.
– Remove your nookie wedge and bell from its discreet storage pouch.
– Wedge the door closed to prevent any unexpected interruptions.
– Loosely hang or balance the bag and bell on the door handle inside your room.
– Relax, let go and have some fun!

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

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We’re so convinced you’ll love your Nookie Wedge Kit that we offer a no quibbles, 14 day money back guarantee. You can even try it and then send it back.

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Excellent value for peace of mind!

The Nookie Wedge Kit is a simple solution for a common problem. It’s excellent value for peace of mind. You too can banish the washing basket, guarantee some privacy and creep out from under the covers.